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Metal Based Restorations



Porcelain Fused to Metal


This restoration is made of noble or high noble alloy substructure, veneered with feldspathic porcelain. Tried and tested through time, PFM is strong, functional, reliable and esthetic. Attachments may also be incorporated into the crown to allow for a “seamless look” with a denture.



  • anterior or posterior crown

  • bridge, no limit in size

  • inlay, onlay

  • post & core/ in one piece withn PFM

  • maryland bridge (on NP alloy)



Perfect Smile| porcelain fused to metal
Full Gold Crown


This type of crown has been used in the dental industry for many years and it has a proven record of reliability. The preparation required for a gold crown is very simple, as there is minimal tooth structure removal. One of the significant advantages of a gold crown is its biocompatibility with the tissue. The surface is very smooth and gentle to the opposing dentition, making it an excellent choice for bruxers.



  • posterior crown/bridge

  • inlay/onlay

  • post & core/ in one piece with a crown

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