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Implant restorations


We offer a wide range of dental implants from all major systems. Implant-supported restorations that are appropriately contoured maintain proper soft tissue height for long-term gingival health.

Fixed implant restorations can be single or multiple units, up to a full arch. They are fabricated based on stock abutments or customized patient-specific abutments


There are two general categories:

  1. Cement retained restoration is fabricated with the use of a stock abutment or a custom abutment. A crown or a bridge is cemented onto it.

  2. Screw retained restoration is designed and fabricated to be screwed directly onto the implant. Generally it is only possible when the implant fixture is in a viable position. However, there is a possibility of incorporating a lateral screw connection for PFM restoration.


Within these two categories, we offer the following implant restorations:





Perfect Smile| hybrid crown implant abutment

We design all custom implant restorations using an open source scanner and design software by 3Shape.

A natural-looking profile is created through a process of CAD design and precision milling of margin contours, which results in ideal soft tissue and crown aesthetics. The final implant restoration also promotes gingival health, while exhibiting a true-to-nature emergence profile.


We offer two options: premium custom abutments fabricated by implant manufacturers (original), as well as value-priced custom abutments (non-original). The latter is engineered to be compatible with a wide variety of the most popular dental implant brands and is virtually identical to their original counterpart, but at a lower cost.


  • Titanium custom abutment

This abutment is milled from titanium blanks that have a factory pre-milled implant abutment interface. It is designed for a cement- retained restoration of your choice.





  • All zirconia custom abutment

This abutment is milled entirely out of zirconia (ZrO2), designed for highly esthetic cases. With a patient-specific emergence profile, it is designed to be topped with all-ceramic or zirconia restoration.





  • Hybrid Custom Abutment (HCA)

This abutment is made of two components. It utilizes a precision titanium base with an interface that engages into an implant and a chimney to cement into a custom-milled zirconia abutment. This type of abutment provides the mechanical reliability of titanium-to titanium interface with the esthetic of a pre-shaded zirconia. A crown or bridge  is cemented over top.





  • Hybrid Custom Crown Abutment/ Bridge 

A restoration that utilizes the same technology as Hybrid Custom Abutment, but it is built as a crown or bridge to be screwed directly onto an implant fixture. It is only possible when implants are in viable positions.


Available as:

  • Full Contour Zirconia crown abutment/bridge

  • Porcelain veneered Zirconia crown abutment/bridge


Perfect Smile| implant abutment
Perfect Smile| Implant stock abutment
Perfect|smile| implant abutment
Perfect Smile| implant abutment

This is a cast custom abutment  fabricated using an UCLA abutment (a cast-to pre-machined gold alloy interface).



  • PFM screw-retained crown abutment/ bridge 

A customized (anatomical) gold abutment is veneered with porcelain, thus creating a custom-made implant crown or bridge to be screwed directly onto the implant fixture. This type of restoration is only possible when implants are in viable positions.




  • Cast metal abutment

This is a custom abutment cast in gold. It is to be topped with a PFM crown or a bridge - either cemented, or through a lateral screw connection.




This is a tried-and-true type of restoration based on pre-machined stock abutment, and it still finds its place in dentistry today. Abutments are used as is, or they are manually modifided at height, or at margin profile. They are screwed onto an implant and a PFM or Zirconia crown or bridge is cemented onto it.

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