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CAD/CAM Technologies

Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacturing


During the last three years, we have adapted our manufacturing process to include CAD/CAM technology. We have equipped our laboratory with the world's most leading CAD system by 3Shape.

3Shape leads the market with unmatched innovation power, providing systems that are designed not only for today, but also for the future of digital dentistry.

At Perfect Smile we support digital workflow based on the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner.

Model Scanner and Computer-aided Design (CAD)


At our lab, we utilize the 3Shape model scanner to create a 3D digital file of the model, which is then used to design the restoration. 3Shape Dental System™ is known throughout the dental industry as the most powerful CAD/CAM design system in the world. As such, it offers a complete range of indications, from a single coping, to a full mouth implant supported restoration. 



Digital Impression


Our lab supports digital workflow between the dental practice and the dental laboratory. 

We are a TRIOS Ready lab, which means we are certified and fully prepared to receive and handle digital impressions sent from clinics using the 3Shape TRIOS® solution. 3Shape is a technology leader in dental CAD/CAM for labs and dental practitioners, and the TRIOS impression scanner opens a new range of possibilities and solutions.


Benefits of digital impression taking for Dentists:

  • Less adjustment and grinding during seating

  • Improved accuracy and clinical results

  • Faster than traditional impression taking

  • Reduced need for retakes

  • No impression materials and mess

  • Cost saving related to materials and shipping


Benefits of digital impression taking for Patients:

  • Better restoration fit and minimal grinding

  • Quick and comfortable experience

  • Reduced number of appointments due to required retakes

  • Reduced overall chair-time



Trios Ready
Perfect Smile| 3Shape Communicate
3Shape Communicate


“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Dentists and dental technicians can now communicate like never before. 3Shape Communicate is an advanced tool that allows labs and dentists to share case information and view 3D designs on-line. Dentists can view a design, write comments, and add notations directly on the 3D image or approve the results. Both dentists and labs are immediately notified of changes and can login to view, comment, or approve the design. Dentists can present the before-and-after visualizations in 3D to their patients. Such streamlined communication reduces the likelihood of errors and remakes.


3Shape Communicate is a secure service accessible through a mobile app or a web browser, allowing for a real time review of 3D designs, exchange and discussion between the dentist and technician. One does not need to own a TRIOS intraoral scanner in order to access and use this  tool.


To register your Dental Clinic and create your 3Shape Communicate account click here.



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